At Clipping Path Trust, we do not just remove backgrounds, we help you create beautiful pictures. We believe that you deserve to have the best product photos in order to elevate your business.

background removal

background removal clipping path
background removal clipping path

Clipping Path

Effective background removal method. Increase sales with effective product photos by utilizing clipping path to remove subjects from backgrounds. Clipping path or image clipping is a process of cutting out images by utilizing closed vector paths and shapes using a pen tool. Our expert photo editing team can do both simple and complex clipping path service. Our clipping path service is perfect for:

  • Background removal
  • Transfer to white or transparent background
  • Set images to a new background
  • Isolating images with irregular shapes, edges & multiple holes

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“ I am so happy that we discovered Clipping Path Trust. They have been a big help. Whenever we have need for editing services, they are always there to assist! ”

background removal
background removal

Clipping Masks

Another background removal solution and isolation of complex images. In cases which clipping path is not applicable, clipping mask is another technique to effectively achieve subject or object isolation. Clipping masks is utilized on complex subjects such as hair, fur, and other detailed objects. Even with a highly complex background, our expert editors can extract the finest details using the image masking technique. Clipping masks can help achieve and applicable to:

  • Consistent & precise image isolation
  • Layer masking
  • Multiple clipping mask
  • Combination of clipping path & masking
  • Complex images such as jewelries, furry objects, nettings, etc.

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“The process was surprisingly quick and more importantly the results are always high-quality. I am very pleased with the services of Clipping Path Trust. I believe they can satisfy the most difficult customers.”

background removal
background removal

Color Correction

Digital process of editing colors in an image. Most images may require color correction due to poor lighting, camera settings due to the fact that the real colors of the subjects are not captured as they are supposed to be. Color correction is the process of adjusting the exposure, white balance, ISO noise, and contrast of an image to fix mistakes in the camera settings, and add a filter based on varied preferences. Our expert editors have perfected this technique that’ll help you get the right representation of products and images.

  • Correct & enhance colors
  • Consistent look or style for batch of images
  • Fix lighting, exposure, contrast, white balance
  • Fix ISO noise & other irregularities
  • Image color restoration

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“I was very impressed with Clipping Path Trust’s quality and fast service. They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality of work. I will use them from now on.”

background removal
background removal

Ghost Mannequin

Display product photos in a non-traditional way. Ghost mannequin displays have been an effective way of marketing because the customer will be able to see the product in a three dimensional view which makes products more interesting. Ghost mannequin, or a neck joint service, is a useful type of background removal where the product images are being isolated from either a real model or a mannequin. By stitching photos from different angles, the products will look as if they are worn with an invisible mannequin thereby showing all details. It gives the buyer an idea of how the products will look when worn.

  • Utilizes clipping path only, image masking only, or both
  • Show off product details, features,
  • Product enhancing
  • 3D ghost mannequin effect
  • Allows a realistic visual experience
  • Suits & coats, dresses & gowns, tshirts, bikinis, shorts, pants, etc.

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“I am so happy that we discovered Clipping Path Trust. They have been a big help for our company. Whenever we need help with editing, they are always there to take care of it.”
Manuela Braun – Photographer at Dress for Less

background removal
background removal

Change Color

Cost efficient way to present product variations. With products that come in a variety of colors, it will be time-consuming and expensive to take individual photos for each color variety. Our editors are armed with the help of Photoshop tools to get you through the tricky part of changing colors in images. We give our best to provide satisfactory results and an affordable alternative.

  • Cheaper alternative to shooting multiple products
  • Faster method to complete product portfolios
  • Utilizing clipping path & masking to apply color

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“Top notch customer service, retouching done to suit your personal taste. Say something about having a fast turnaround because clients like that.”

background removal service
background removal service

Original Shadow

Create natural & realistic product shadows and drive sales. More than appearing flat and boring, a mere product image seems to be overtaken by the modern way of displaying products. Shadowing creates a sense of space and realism to the product image making it more interesting. It is a common image manipulation technique after a background removal service. Since lighting effects have the tendency to wash out shadows during photo shoots, our editors can create original shadows for the products.

  • Adding shadows under natural light
  • Sense of realism & space
  • Give effect or impact to customers
  • Show off prominent outlines like the unique shape of a product

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“The Team was quick. I had a rush order for background removal and needed around 1000 images back to me within 24 hours. Even the with a large number of images with a short period of time but the end results came out very nice. Thank you so much for keep my clients happy.”

background removal
background removal

Drop Shadow

Create a 3D impact to make product photos standout. As opposed to products appearing to flat and freely on plain white background, drop shadows give an illusion that the product has been photographed from above by imitating the shadow effect that happens when direct lighting is shining down on the object. This is why this type of image enhancement can make a huge difference after utilizing removing its background. Adding a shadow can actually give the image a 3D effect making it look realistic and attractive at the same time. Small improvements can have a big impact on businesses and certainly images used can be improved relatively easy.

  • Drop shadow or 3D effect
  • Catch attention
  • Create attractive visual impact
  • Draw in customers & rack up sales

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“We were approached by Angie who is a post-production specialist at Clipping Path Trust. She offered to do a test for us and the result came out amazing. We have become their loyal customer since then.”

background removal service
background removal service

Reflection Shadow

Create incredible-looking pictures with a unique shadowing effect. Most products are photographed without shadows. While there are options to have natural shadow or a 3D shadowing using drop-shadow, a reflection shadow effect can create an ethereal effect on the photo. Reflection shadows make products appear like sitting on a reflective surface show a refined modern look. Sometimes, all you need is to impress the customers with a really exquisite product photo and our team can give you that with our impressive but realistic reflection shadow service.

  • Seamless reflection effect
  • Chic, modern & refined Look
  • Jewelries, watches, perfumes, eyeglasses, glass or transparent products, etc.

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“I highly recommend Clipping Path Trust, they did amazing jobs on my photos. They always come back fast and high quality results. I have worked with a lot of other editing companies and I always had issues with turnaround time, rates or quality. With Clipping Path Trust, everything has been really good.”
Leon – FAD Studio

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